Registrations Passports Transfers
Voluntary Veterinary Examination & DNA Typing

Shetland ponies are issued with a Stud-Book number at the time of registration – if the number begins “AA”, the pony was registered in 1991, “AB” shows a registration from 1992 and so on. Foals registered in 2006, therefore, have the prefix “AS”.
This number remains with the pony throughout its life. When a female has her first foal or a colt is re-registered as a gelding or licensed as a stallion, an extra code will be added e.g. M98-878 shows the female had her first foal in 1998 and was the 878th filly to be re-registered as a mare. Geldings add a “G” and stallions an ”S”.
If a pony was born before 1991, it would not have been allocated a number at birth and will only be given a Stud-Book number on having a first foal, being re-registered as a gelding or licensed as a stallion. These ponies would have a different type of number e.g. a mare may be 18920, a gelding 7717G and a stallion 4769.
If either or both parents of a foal are not of UK breeding but are registered in a daughter Society Stud-Book, the offspring may be eligible for registration in the International Section of the Stud-Book. Checks will be made with the relevant daughter Society to confirm eligibility.
If a UK mare is covered by a stallion in another country or your own stallion covers a mare from another country, please see the section on Export/Import for details of the paperwork required.
If this is the mare’s first foal, she must be re-registered as a mare and will have another entry in the Stud-Book as well as an addition to her Stud-Book number.
A pink “first foal” form is required to register the foal and a “once only” fee payable for the mare registration as well as the foal. –the passport fee must be paid along with the registration fee. If the mare has already had foals registered with SPSBS, a white “additional” produce form is required.
Should you be unfortunate enough to have a stillborn foal, you may still record the birth if you wish. Simply complete the registration form in the usual manner – you need not complete the passport application section, only the front of the form, but date of birth, colour, stinting details etc. must be fully completed.
If you wish to name the foal, the registration fee will be payable. If you wish only to record the birth, you need not name the foal and the Stud-Book entry will show “Dead foal” – no fee is payable for this unless it is the mare’s first foal in which case you must pay the mare registration fee only.
Foals names must be a maximum of 35 digits long – including the prefix and any spaces, apostrophes etc.
Since 1st January 1998, all foals have been issued with a passport at the time of registration as legally required under EU legislation.
The form to obtain a passport is on the reverse of the foal registration form. Breeders are permitted to complete this passport form because of a dispensation granted to the native Breed Societies by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).
This means, however, that the form must be completed very carefully or the Society may lose this dispensation and breeders would have to use, and pay, a Vet to complete each form.
Please make sure you enter the correct pedigree on the registration form and check your passport when it is received from the office.
Should an error be found in a pedigree at a later date, it will not simply be changed once it has been printed in the Stud-Book – the pony’s pedigree will have to be ascertained through DNA typing of foal and parents at the breeder’s expense.