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International Shetland Pony Show 2006
The excitement and anticipation of the forthcoming International show in Sweden was suddenly upon us and the weeks of preparation of getting everything into the lorry, so that on the day of leaving all we had to do was bath the ponies and load up for the trip to Immingham where our freight container ship was to sail for Esjberg in Denmark and onward to Sweden and our final destination of Halmstad.
Everything went to plan and the loading onto the ship was simple and straightforward, with plenty of room to spare, we were even allowed to drop the ramp of the lorry, after having anchored them down for the sea crossing. The ponies were suitably fed and watered and made as comfortable as possible for the trip and we were to be allowed down to attend them at will, which we did every two hours and all was well.
Our accommodation was in the form of small cabins that were superb; the dining room, food and lounge facilities equally so that we felt a weeklong cruise in that environment would do nicely.
We shared the trip with Michael and Joy Barugh and the total trip was pleasantly uneventful, including the drive across Denmark to our final destination of the show, although it did take two hours more that we had anticipated, would have liked to have arrived in the light of day, but was not to be. In following the route given in the show program we missed a vital turn and took a little while to find our way in, but we made it in the end, a bit frazzled by then as we were worried about the ponies and wanted them off the lorry as soon as possible, but all was well.
A couple of days rest and we were into the Pageant and Welcome Party and what a fine show we ALL put on and following the excellent format laid out by Pat Renwick, we all did our thing and Dougal Dick did the commentary.
From a personal point of view, we were absolutely delighted with the manner in which our little stallion Abottsbury Zak accepted the Klibber, Flakkie, two Kishies and of course the rope and wooden halter, handled by Maurice Arden in a rare looking Crofters outfit complete with clay pipe, whilst partner Shirley Nadin looked superb in her outfit of drab colours of mostly dark brown skirt, headscarf, old boots, black stockings, what you could see of them, whitish apron and shawl around her shoulders to help take the weight of the basket on her back and also to stop the rope cutting into her shoulders. She was suitably complimented by Barbara Tait in similar garb, so we felt that we had got our interpretation about right.
We stayed in the corner of the show ring as instructed and spent our time picking up hay that had been thrown down earlier by Shirley and loading the Kishies, having general chat amongst ourselves and a quick look at what the others were doing when we could, Zak continued to be unperturbed by it all and tucked in to some grass that he felt he had been deprived of over the past few days and was a super example of the amiability of the Shetland pony.
Karen Nixon did her thing with the plough and was also suitably dressed in her “britches”(breeches-trousers) and looked a treat Keith Hutchings looked a treat as a miner complete with pit pony and appropriate gear kindly loaned for the occasion by the Beamish Museum.
Because of our own involvement, we could not see everyone, particularly as to do so, we were peering into the direct sun of the evening, but from the super photographs kindly taken by Lara Stevens with our camera, the result of which shows that everyone put on a fine show and we were congratulated by many afterwards on the effort everyone had put in Sure thing everyone did their bit and I don’t wish to leave anyone out.
Steve Rendle did his thing, Di Johnson looked a treat David Hodge and his pony looked smashing with its lovely basket saddle And my goodness what a smart turnout for our Victorian Gentleman of Michael Barugh and pony, Julian Waters (resplendent in his red Military uniform), his lady and everyone else in Victorian outfits that were elegance in themselves and the many Knix “children” of that entourage who put so much into this wonderful effort, finely topped out by the lovely carriage and outfit of Abigail Hampton and our little girl riding side saddle, all very grand and appreciated by EVERYONE in attendance.
On exiting the ring Maurice Arden had to make one of the quickest of dress changes ever likely to happen again. With clothes put by in the tent close to the ring, Shirley whipped Zak off to his stable and his undress, someone was left holding Claylands Princess Isla, our camera went some where else and with the help of Carol Webb, the change of clothes got underway in record time, from rough Crofter to smart chap in posh clothes, about four and a half minutes I would think and just about to make my exit when Carol announced, you’re flying low, better zip up!! Grabbed Princess Isla and back into the ring for the Welcoming of Everyone to the show under their own Flag and Parade around the ring for all to see, it was a lovely sight and one which we were all proud to be part of and by this time I was beginning to cool down and soon it was all over, we all did a further lap of the ring to the appreciation of many, did our exit and went our separate ways and to deal with our respective charges, who had all performed faultlessly throughout.
Thank you to everyone who took part, please forgive any names left out, it was not realised until looking at all the photographs, that there were so many of you doing a grand job.
Maurice Arden and Shirley Nadin.

International Shetland Pony Show
Halmstad, Sweden July 2006
The International Shetland Games were held in Halmstad, Sweden in late July. Exhibitors travelled from all over Europe to attend including a large contingent from the UK. The games were officially opened by the Mayor of Halmstad on the Friday evening following both the Pageant put on by the UK competitors, mentioned above, and the carrying in of the flags by the competing nations. A delicious hog roast followed.
The showing got underway in earnest on the Saturday morning and continued into Sunday. A dinner was held at a nearby hotel on the Saturday evening and some people attending took advantage of the close vicinity of the sea to paddle their toes!! The weather was very hot for the duration of the show and ponies and competitors sought all the shade they could find in between their classes.
Sunday afternoon was taken up with all the Championships and at the end of it, Exhibit of Transy, a black yeld mare owned and bred by the Dick family from the Transy Stud based at Clackmannanshire in Scotland won the Supreme Championship. This mare has had a terrific season in 2006 and looked in superb condition in Sweden despite the long journey there.
The SPS-BS would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in running the show in Sweden. It all ran like clockwork and everyone was made to feel very welcome. Thanks also to all those people who travelled long distances to support the show.
The next International Show is due to be hosted by Germany in 2008.