Passport Forms
Please ensure that passport forms are printed on high quality printing paper and printer preferences are set for quality print.
Forms submitted with poor quality prints will not be accepted and will be returned without submission.
Forms that are completed for passports are scanned into the computer and it is this that makes up how the pony's passport will look, so the quality of completion and ensuring that they are not marked, folded etc is extremely important.
Please avoid stapling forms together as the staple marks then have to be erased after scanning.

Right click on required form and select "Save As" to download.

Passport Forms
Application for Passport
Application for Registration of a Pony Over 12 Months Old - 2007
Entry Form for Mare & 1st Foal
Entry Form for the Additional Produce of a Mare

Miscellaneous Forms
Application for Affiliiation/Special Rosette 2007
Application for Affiliiation RULES 2007
Application for Registration of a Prefix
Application for Voluntary Veterinary Examination
Change of Ownership Form
Extension of a Prefix
Gelding Form
International Pony Movement Certificate
Lease Form
Performance Grading Entry Form
Sales Order Form
Show Shetland Application Form
Society Membership Form
Young Exhibitors Entry Form
Trainee Judges Scheme Application Form
Trainee Judges Scheme Application Proceedure